Miscarriage Mama's Connect

Miscarriage Mama's Connect

Miscarriage Mamas Connect is a community that helps women who have experienced a miscarriage. 

Nora and Kayla have navigated miscarriage in their own life and are wanting to use their helping spirit and healing hearts to provide support to mamas who are currently going through pregnancy loss.

We know how isolating and lonely this journey can be and want to provide mamas with connection and understanding. We encourage all feelings here and want you to feel validated and know that you are not alone.

Miscarriage is so common (1 in 4 pregnancies end in miscarriage) but is frequently avoided in conversations due to being an uncomfortable topic to many. We want that to change, with conversations comes connection and healing.

Mama, you do not have to grieve and heal alone. There are so many women who understand how you are feeling and are in the same place as you. Our goal is to bring all of them together to form a community where we can have hard conversations and learn & grow together.

We want you to feel safe to ask the hard questions and talk about the topics that people who haven’t experienced pregnancy loss just won’t understand .

Nora and Kayla want to use their past experiences and struggles to help other mamas and be a part of their journey. we would be honored to hear your story and be a support for you during this difficult time.


Resources on their Website: https://www.miscarriagemamasconnect.com/?fbclid=IwAR2L7UzjTDlvaLQuLlEUXUH4eAriQE3J9s3m--lLTKkpW3tEFbaP7FRFqjE 

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