Vintage Rosaries and Why They Are Special

Vintage Rosaries and Why They Are Special

Vintage Rosaries are truly one of my favorite things in the whole world! Each piece is so beautiful and unique it is as if they each have a story they are waiting eagerly to tell. You may find two rosaries that look exactly the same but there is a different feeling between them. They are not just beads and string, but a part of someone's heart. Vintage Rosaries likely belonged to someone; Sometimes for the duration of their entire life. When the beads are warn, the crucifix and centerpieces faded you can just tell that person prayed with all their heart. 

I love taking the time to clean up rosaries and reveal the tiniest detail that has been faded away for years. When you look long enough at them your heart will light up like a flame. I often think about the people who may have owned them previously. Who they were, who they are, are they alive or deceased? Where did they live and what was their life like. At some point the Rosary was brand new; how many owners did this Rosary have? Truth is I don't know and never will, but with proper care and love these Rosaries will likely have many owners throughout their life span.

If you have ever watched Harry Potter you will know that "the wand chooses the Wizard", well the same is for Rosaries. Rosaries have a special way of finding us and connecting us with our Blessed Mother. 

"The Rosary is an incredibly rich practice of prayer that developed slowly, evolving over the centuries. The first recorded use of the word “Rosary” did not appear until 1597. But the roots of the Rosary are found far earlier!

For example, third-century Christian hermits and monks in Egypt (known as Desert Fathers) used stones and later prayer ropes to keep track when praying the 150 Psalms. The Hail Mary, which originates from the Gospel of Luke, was given official approval in 1568. Even though these prayers developed over the centuries, the Rosary remains one of the most powerful prayers in the world!" (Dynamic Catholic). 

Check out this video to learn how I clean up the Rosaries :) 
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